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Hamza Ali Abbasi comes to rescue Maria B over Coronavirus case

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

26th Mar, 2020. 12:14 am
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Maria B

Hamza Ali Abbasi came to rescue Maria B and defended the renowned fashion designer after a video went viral on social media of her crying and and begging for-justice for her husband, Tahir Saeed.
Maria. B posted a video on her facebook in which she explained the incident of her husband’s arrest.
Earlier Maria B shared video message on social media in which she appealed to PM Imran Khan to take notice of the raid at her house. Famous fashion designer Maria B in a video message condemned the raid at her house in which police arrested her husband.

“Last night they raided my house like I was the biggest drug mafia don,” Maria said in the video.

The police arrested Saeed from his house as an FIR was registered against him for hiding the test results of his cook and sending him to his village.

Police said that the servant met many people while on his way back home and in his village Karam Pur. The entire village will now have to be quarantined due to criminal negligence of Tahir Saeed.
As people starting bashing Tahir Saeed’s actions and being irresponsible, Maria and Tahir posted a video clarification of the entire event, which in Tahir’s words, “is pure panic, especially at a time when the Prime Minister is urging people to not panic.”
Hamza Ali Abbasi who is known for giving is point of view on key events defend the couple.
“Absolutely disgusted by the behavior of authorities and media who in this time of crisis are creating chaos and making false accusations,” Hamza wrote on his social media

Hamza added that he believed the couple have been misunderstood by the authorities and social media. “These two are good people who have been wronged. Maria B. and her husband Tahir Saeed have clarified the allegations of irresponsibly sending their cook to his village after testing positive for Coronavirus.
He further wrote, “Reacting to the news circulating about her husband being tested positive she presented the laboratory report clearly mentioning that Tahir Saeed tested negative.”
A lot of people criticized their action of sending their servant to his village without taking any precautionary measures.

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