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COVID-19: Ablution may have reduced risk of contracting virus

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

21st Apr, 2020. 09:54 pm
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COVID-19: Ablution may have reduced risk of contracting virus

Islam teaches Muslim to practice ablution five-times-a-day before offering the prayers which might have played a significant role in preventing the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus.

Professor Richard Webber from Newcastle University and former Labour Party politician Trevor Phillips released a report which says, Muslims clean themselves five time a day by doing ablution which might be lower the risk of the deadly coronavirus among Muslim community of the United Kingdom.

The report further says washing hand frequently might have contained many Muslims from contracting coronavirus pandemic.

The data reveals that Muslims of UK have been less affected with the virus in many areas.

Official statistics of UK show that BAME communities are at a higher risk of getting the COVID-19 because they have higher representation in the NHS and multiple generations living in the same house.

Trevor Phillips said “Maybe there is a revelation to be had here; if one key to stopping transmission of the virus is hand washing, might a faith community many of whose members ritually wash before five-times-a-day prayers have something to teach the rest of us?”

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Earlier, Vice-Chancellor UHS Professor Javed Ikram also advised people to take precautionary measure and practice ablution as there is no cure for Coronavirus but precautions can prevent it.

He said that ablution is mandatory for offering prayers and  95% of Muslims are in Pakistan and it is obligatory on every Muslim to pray adding that the virus contracted with nasal cells, even in the face, so practice ablution can protect against the spread of coronavirus.


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