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Ramadan 2020-Things you will miss due to coronavirus

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

24th Apr, 2020. 02:35 pm
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Ramadan 2020-Things you will miss due to coronavirus

Ramadan 2020 has begun and Muslims are excited enough to carry out their religious rituals. However, Ramadan 2020 will be different from that we have experienced in the past.

Prayers and lockdown

The government in several countries, especially in gulf countries, have banned congregational prayers and ijtemas so the mass group of people will not gather. Strict measures have been taken to avoid the spread of coronavirus in large groups.

In Pakistan, Muslims will be allowed to pray in Mosques in Ramadan. However, they will have to follow certain guidelines. They will be asked to pray by maintaining a certain distance between them. Secondly, they will not be allowed to shake hands and perform nafl prayers.

No I’tikaf in mosques

In Ramadan, Muslims sit in I’tikaf in the last days (in the last ashrah). They keep themselves separate from others and engage themselves completely in prayers and recitations. Muslims hold special arrangements for I’tikaf in Mosques every year.

However, Muslims will not be allowed to arrange I’tikaf in the mosque. They are allowed to it in I’tikaf at their homes.

No social gatherings

Social gatherings usually increase in Ramadan, as people hold iftar gatherings, do shopping for eid, do volunteer activities such as Iftar distribution. Sadly, people will not be allowed to arrange large gatherings. They will find it hard to meet their relatives living far or go out shopping.

27th Ramadan

Every year, special gatherings, prayers, Salaat-e-Tasbeeh, Jumat-ul-Widah, and other such activities are carried out usually on the 27th of Ramadan. Muslims pray extra on that day. Unfortunately, congregational religious activities will not be happening in Ramadan 2020. People will be required to pray in their homes.


Taraaweh prayers are arranged at various places such as halls, ground, and others. But this time, Muslims will be asked to pray Taraweeh in their homes.

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