Top 10 drinks that you shouldn’t miss during Ramadan

Top 10 drinks that you shouldn’t miss during Ramadan

Top 10 drinks that you shouldn’t miss during Ramadan

In the month of Ramdan, our Dastarkhwan is enriched with a lot of food and drinks which we normally don’t have in routine. Different people likes to drink different kinds of milk shakes, cola drinks, energy drinks, lemopani etc. We have enlisted Top 10 drinks which are commonly used at Aftar:

1-Rooh Afza

It is one of the most popular drink which every one loves and it is the most wanted drink in Ramadan however, it is necessary to drink as an ingrident in Ramadan.

2-Quice (GreenSharbat)

Another drink is quice which is the secret behind those people who call it green because of the green color. People also add milk in the sharbat which is one of the best heal in summers.



It is all time favorite drink which is drink by the youngsters and the lovers. However, children also love to drink especially in the month of Ramdan.


The another drink that makes the person fresh is Limo pani which is used at the time of aftar in which people loves to drink in this moth.


One of the recommended drink is the pepsi coke which everyone loves it. In thae fastig days people normally drinks.



Fanta is another carbohydrate drink used more in Ramadan.

7-Lemon Shikanji

Lemon shikanji can be used in many ways as it is one of the best drink in summers as well as in the month of Ramadan. For making the lemon juice it is necessary to add the sugar as well.


WHhile having a fast, everyone wants a good and healthy milk shake which also serves as an energy booster.


9-Watermelon Juice

While doing fasting in summers, watermelon juice brings energy in the humans.

10-Badam Ka Sharbat

It is also an energy drink after used at Aftar time. It is made with almonds and cardamom.

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