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Ship ‘Safer’ anchored at Yemeni port considered threat to world

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

16th Jul, 2020. 09:56 pm
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Ship 'Safer' anchored at Yemeni port considered threat to world

Shipwreck anchored in Yemeni port for five years is considered a threat to the world.

According to the Arab News Agency, a gas tanker “FSO Safer” anchored at the port of Ras Issa in Al Hudaydah Governorate for five years is being called a time bomb not only for Yemen but for the whole world and international shipping.

Saudi Arabia’s envoy to the United Nations, Abdullah al-Moallem, has said that a ship anchored at the port of Ras Isa in Yemen for five years has become a threat to world and international navigation.

Al-Muallimi told the Security Council during a session on the Safe Reservoir on Wednesday that the Houthis were blackmailing the world over the spacecraft and its gas reserves. This ship could cause global environmental catastrophe and become a threat to the whole world.

He explained that if the gas and oil spills in Safer’s tankers spread, the dangers would affect many aspects of life. The international community needs to take immediate action to repair it and move the ship.

On the other hand, observers say that the ship has been standing at sea for five consecutive years. The already bad plane is constantly getting worse. Water has entered the engine cabin of the ship while many other parts are also affected by the water. If the water continues to leak, the ship, loaded with oil and gas tankers, could crash and sink, affecting shipping around the world.

It should be noted that an oil tanker named FSO Safer has been anchored at Ras Isa port for five years. The port is occupied by Iranian-backed Houthi movement and they have consistently refused to give international inspectors and repairmen access to the ship.

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