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Fried Chicken On Self Driving Wheels In China

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

25th Nov, 2020. 06:37 pm
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fried chicken

Many companies are looking for innovative ways to get their products to people as contactless as possible due to the pandemic.

In China, the KFC chicken roaster is now selling its fried goods with autonomously operating micro-vehicles. Such a vehicle was spotted outside the exit of a subway station and was primarily intended to appeal to customers looking for a quick chicken snack.

It is a vehicle from the Chinese company Neolix, which, among other things, maintains a connection to a control center via the 5G cellular network. It is also able to navigate independently and move electrically powered with the help of LIDAR and other sensors.

The various products of the franchise are not fried or prepared on-site but simply kept at certain temperatures by means of a built-in warming system.

The customer pays with the help of a QR code and the WePay payment system. The option of taking the product of their choice from the autonomously driving sales vehicle is then open to customers.

Neolix has been selling the vehicles for a long time and is also aiming for cooperation with the KFC competitor Pizza Hut. Of course, the vehicles should deliver pizza in the future.

These self-driven vehicles have also been used to deliver medicines in Thailand.


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