How Can A Farmer Speak Fluent English? India’s Right Wing Asks

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

28th Nov, 2020. 09:22 pm
How Can A Farmer Speak Fluent English? India's Right Wing Asks

A video of a protester conversing with the paramilitary force in fluent English on the seriousness of farmers protest hit the viral note on Twitter.

The Person who was on video is Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu, who became associated with one of the most important farmers protest sites at Shambhu Barrier in Punjab’s Patiala district of India.

Sidhu emerged as a significant voice of the agitation against India’s federal government’s farm laws, ever since the laws were passed in September this year.

Right after the sit-in protests of farmers against the farm laws began, Sidhu joined them and raised his voice against the laws.

After the video went viral prominent voice of India’s right-wing film director Vivek Agnihotri shared the video on his social media account with a sarcastic remark: “Hahahahaha. The poor landless farmer for whom WOKES are crying.”

If we comprehend his comment, the obvious meaning of that is “How can a farmer speak fluent English?”

Many Twitter users have called out Vivek Agnihotri for dishonouring farmers speaking English.

One User wrote, “Only an agnihotri can speak english. Anyone else speaking english is to be discounted.”

Another user wrote, “Just cause your education failed give out a nervous laughter for an educated ur limited circle ppl might call them poor landless..start roaming in better circles who will tell u many freedom fighters were highly educated.”

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