Suez Canal blockage could affect the smartphones industry

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

29th Mar, 2021. 10:37 pm

Egypt’s Suez Canal which is one the most important sea route was blocked by Panama-registered vessels.

As per reports, the blockage has delayed for almost a week and has left many of ships waiting on both sides of the canal which is a 200km shortcut from Asia to Europe, connecting the Red sea to the Meditteranean Sea.

An analyst has now predicted that this blockage could have an effect on the smartphone industry. The industry is already faced with a shortage of chips, also affecting tablets, laptops, TVs, and cars.

Earlier, Turkey has send its tugboat to help Egypt because of the blockage of Suez Canal and free a giant ship.

Turkey’s Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoglu said,

Turkey’s Nene Hatun ship was “one of the few machines in the world capable of carrying out an operation of this magnitude”.

“We offered to help them and if they respond favorably, we will send help,” the international news agency quoted Karaismailoglu as saying. Tugboats and dredgers were working on Friday to refloat the massive container ship, although salvage experts warn that the shutdown of one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes could last days or even weeks.”

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