Waqar Zaka Demands PM’s Resignation In Return For Paying Off Country’s Debt

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

05th May, 2021. 06:42 pm
Waqar Zaka Demands PM's Resignation In Return For Paying Off Country's Debt

TV and social media star Waqar Zaka, who gained fame by hosting reality shows, has demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan in exchange for paying off the country’s total debt.

Waqar Zaka claimed in a brief tweet on May 4 that he was ready to pay off the country’s total debt through cryptocurrency, but that his only condition was that Prime Minister Imran Khan resign.

The social media star wrote, “I can pay off PAK debt using crypto but the condition is Imran Khan should step down and let me run the country if not then Pakistanis should demand what solution respectable, olive plantation, tourism, anti-corruption lovers IK has. I challenge all Politician.”

Waqar Zaka did not mention in his tweet how much total debt the country has nor did he say how many billions of rupees worth of corrupt currency he has and where he got the currency from.

Note that by February 2021, Pakistan’s domestic and foreign debt had reached Rs 36,417 billion.

It may be recalled that Waqar Zaka had announced the formation of a political organization called Tehreek-e-Technology Pakistan (TMP) two years ago.

Waqar Zaka had termed the party as a political party and said that their main objective would be to bring internet revolution to the country.

#waqarzaka is trending on Twitter and netizen are sharing their two cents on Waqar Zaka’s Tweet.

one user wrote, “He alone got cryptocurrency unbanned, computer book updated, now fighting against Banks so Pakistanis can buy sell crypto easily, he could earn easily secretly with bitcoin but he is helping Pakistanis to earn”

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