Instagram is testing a new feature, letting more people to publish links in their Stories

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

30th Jun, 2021. 01:08 pm
Instagram is testing a new feature letting people to publish links in Stories

For the longest time, Instagram only allowed a limited number of its users to include links in their Stories. Your account must have been validated by the company or have reached the 10,000 follower milestone. Only then will you be able to include a swipe-up link in your Stories.

It’s unclear whether Instagram will eventually allow everyone to share links in stories. For the time being, Instagram’s head of product, Vishal Shah, told media that the goal is to track the types of links people submit, as well as to guarantee they aren’t using the function to spread spam and misinformation.

The company hopes that, in the future, stickers will be the primary means for people to visit websites outside of the platform. “That is the sort of future system we would like to achieve,” Shah told the outlet.

Whatever path Instagram takes with this latest test, the company has recently been experimenting with some significant changes to how its platform works.

Instagram is progressing. It is all ready to begin testing a new feature that will put items into your primary feed that you may not have asked for or even desired. Instagram wants to give you some control over the entire process while still controlling what you see.

However, Instagram has stated that its previous experiment with the suggested posts feature was so successful that it has pushed it to go further down that path. The former suggested posts test had restricted them – right at the end. It is now considering bringing them up.

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