Dutch Dubai Expo 2020: Introduce a Temporary Biotope in the Dessert  

Syeda Mishal IntikhabWeb Editor

19th Jul, 2021. 03:41 pm
Dutch Dubai Expo 2020: Introduce a Temporary Biotope in the Dessert  

At the event of the Dubai World Expo, which will happen between October 2021 and March 2022, the firm V8 Architects envisions for the Netherlands Pavilion a small world with its own environment framework, covered with a solar rooftop designed by the design studio, Marjan van Aubel, in association with Armor sunlight based force films.

This biotope will deliver water, energy, and food.

Using sustainable innovations including a vertical farm. The Pavilion will be supplied with clean energy thanks to a solar roof designed by the design studio Marjan van Aubel, in partnership with Armor solar power films.

Fundamental in the security of the biotope by separating the sun’s beams and in this way permitting the plants present inside the biological system to complete their photosynthesis.

At the core of the gadget imagined by the Marjan van Aubel studio: Asca, the OPV (natural photovoltaic) film of Armor solar power films, free of rare metals or silicon and 100% recoverable.

Thanks to its many properties – semi-transparency, flexibility, tailor-made design, freedom of shapes and colors – the solution is perfectly suited to the requirements and expectations of architects and design professionals.

From this film, the Marjan van Aubel studio made a rooftop with novel examples and tones permitting the light to be completely reflected inside the structure and consequently offering guests a vivid experience. Given the very lightness of the OPV modules, the solarized panels can be easily dismantled, transported, and reused after Expo 2020.

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