Facebook reported 30 million content pieces during May 15 and June 15

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

05th Jul, 2021. 01:41 pm
Facebook sold 30 million content pieces during May 15 and Jun 15

Facebook stated it has taken action on over 30 million pieces of content in ten categories, during the period of May 15 to June 15. Spam-related content (25 million), violent and graphic content (2.5 million), adult nudity and sexual activity (1.8 million), and hate speech (311,000).

Facebook “actioned” nearly 30 million content pieces across 10 violation categories in the country between May 15 and June 15, according to the social media giant’s first monthly compliance report, as mandated by IT regulations.

During the same time period, Instagram took action against approximately 2 million pieces in nine categories.

Large digital platforms (with more than 5 million users) will be required to publish monthly compliance reports elaborating on the details of complaints received and measures taken in response to them under the new IT standards.

The report must also indicate the number of particular communication links or information parts that the intermediary has blocked or denied access to as a result of any proactive monitoring conducted using automated methods.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, Facebook has constantly invested in technology, people, and processes over the years to further push its objective of keeping users safe and secure online while also allowing them to express themselves freely on its platform.

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