Hackers attempt one of the biggest supply chain cyberattacks to date

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

05th Jul, 2021. 02:51 pm
Hackers attempt one of the biggest supply chain cyberattacks to date

Hackers have just carried out one of the largest ever supply chain cyberattacks. According to the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal, IT management tech firm Kaseya was the target of a ransomware attack that compromised its VSA remote maintenance tool.

The company first stated that “fewer than 40” of its customers had been directly affected, however, security response firm Huntress said three managed service providers it worked with had also been compromised by the attack, compromising over 200 organizations.

The number could be higher. Huntress stated that eight cloud service companies were affected, with many more potentially affected. Coop, a Swedish supermarket chain, closed nearly 800 stores after one of its contractors was targeted.

Kaseya stated that it has identified the likely source of the security weakness and was working on a patch that will be “thoroughly tested.” In the meantime, the company advised all clients to shut down their VSA servers and keep them offline until the update could be installed.

Customers of software-as-a-service were “never at risk,” Kaseya said, although the company deactivated that functionality as a precaution.

It’s unclear who is behind these cyberattacks, but Huntress linked it to the Russia-affiliated REvil group that hacked meat supplier JBS.

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