Key to counter REvil attack discovered

Patrick SunnyOur Correspondent

24th Jul, 2021. 04:33 pm

After the July 2 incident of ransomware attack, the affected US software firm Kaseya has able to get access to the universal decryption key to catch REvil ransomware attack that targeted its managed service provider customers, worldwide.

The company late Friday has announced finding of the decryption tool some 20 days after the attack as Kaseya spokesperson quoted as saying the key will help customers to retrieve missing files, without paying the ransom. According to earlier reports ransomware gang REvil demanded $70 million worth of bitcoin to unlock the stolen files, which they had blocked since July 2 violence.

There are reports that 800 to 1,500 businesses including 500 Swedish Coop supermarkets and 11 schools in New Zealand were hit by the said ransomware attack on July 2, 2021. Coop rolled out a mobile payment system to allow customers to pay for goods while replacing encrypted cash registers on July 8. The mobile payment system was rolled out to 300 stores across Sweden, allowing it to continue in-store trade. It also worked with charities to distribute perishable items while its cash registers were down to minimize waste. It is not clear whether Kaseya paid the ransom demand of $70 million.

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