6 Things not to do this Independence Day

Sahil KumarWeb Editor

11th Aug, 2021. 03:39 pm

We remember that as a child freedom day was all about running around with flags, face painting, decorating streets, and the entire house with string lights, paper flags and buntings. While these simple things are a great way to showcase our enthusiasm, zeal, and excitement, there are still people who find odd ways to spoil the patriotic spirit by indulging in annoying and irresponsible acts.

Given that 74th Independence Day being only a handful of days away, we have rounded up a list of 6 things you shouldn’t do this 14th August and try to celebrate the day with love and respect.

  • Not Follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of Covid-19

Just like last year, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a damper on the freedom celebrations. However, it’s extremely important to abide by the SOPs issued by the government. If you’d ask us, with the delta variant on the rise, try your best not to attend any Independence events but if you must, make sure to get yourself vaccinated at the earliest and follow precautionary measures.

  • Make Noise Pollution

Sadly, the concept of noise pollution is still alien to people in our part of the world. Yes, we love songs that invoke feelings of patriotism and remind us of all the sacrifices our forefathers made to get this nation. However, it doesn’t mean that you can blast national songs at full volume or blow bulges and remove silencers from vehicles to produce more noise to show your nationalism. This not only disturbs the elders, sick patients or cranky babies but can also lead to permanent noise-induced hearing loss.

  • Disrespecting our flag

As we indulge in all the celebrations for the 14th of August, our flag is proudly put on display in every house and pole. But after the Independence Day merriments, no one seems to think about the conceitedly displayed flags now lying on the ground, not to mention children and adults stepping on them. With the freedom day just around the corner, let us analyze and review our actions on how we should properly respect our country’s precious flag.

  • Aerial Firing

Celebratory firing is a typical practice in our country, especially on joyous occasions such as Independence Day. The government had imposed a ban on aerial firing back in 2017. Nonetheless, aerial firing is still on the rise, causing a significant amount of damage to innocent citizens. Here, the government has to come forward and take responsibility by imposing extra strict procedures and measures to curb down aerial firing. Furthermore, we must also be responsible and understand that celebratory firing is not worth someone’s life.

  • Smear other countries

It is natural for us to take our nationalism to the extreme. Our patriotism is the one thing no other country will be able to match. But this usually comes at a price. In the spirit of nationalism, we often disparage other countries with false accusations or insults. This not only affects our international representation as a whole but also portray us as an extremist nation. Therefore, we should keep our heads high and symbolize ourselves with dignity, purity and discipline.

  • Not celebrate for only 1 day

Pakistan has been built on countless struggles and sacrifices. Our country is the pride of millions of people, who have given up their homes, sacrificed their loved ones and their livelihood to attain this independent land. The idea of celebrating our forefather’s sacrifices should not be limited to only one day, but we should be rejoicing our country throughout the year, showing the world our love and affection for our motherland by making it a better place to live. Every day should be Independence Day.

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