Afghan Australians plead with the government to be evacuated from Kabul

Aneela SiddiquiWeb Editor

18th Aug, 2021. 03:38 pm

Afghan Australians and those with Australian visas are pleading with the government to send professional escorts to help them get into the airport.

The federal government’s evacuation effort in Afghanistan is being disrupted by the chaotic and hazardous security situation in Kabul, with some Australians missing the first emergency flight out of the country because they could not reach the airport on time.

Interpreters of Afghanistan who worked with the soldiers of  Australia who are anxious to escape the country are appealing to the government to assist them in clearing Taliban security checks around the airport.

The disorder emphasized the security and logistical problems for the soldiers of Australia and authorities.

An Afghan Australian said that his mother and sister both tried to go to the airport for the first flight out of the city this morning, which carried 26 passengers.

“They were told to go to the airport as there are flights scheduled last night, the thing is it is impossible for them to enter the airport,” he said.

An email was issued by officials of Australia to several passengers attempting to board the plane, informing them that the airport’s northern gate had been “temporarily closed” due to a “security incident,” and that they would be unable to access the tarmac.

“We are working to obtain further instructions on how those who were registered for this flight can gain access to the airport for another flight,” it reads.

“We do not have any confirmed details of another flight at this time but will contact you as soon as we have more information.”




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