Amazon Adds Half a Dozen More US Cities to Its ‘Same-Day Delivery’ List

Iraj AnwarWeb Editor

05th Aug, 2021. 06:13 pm
Big Boost For E-Commerce As Amazon Confirms Pakistan Added to Sellers’ List

According to the reports, Amazon is starting to deliver to 6 more US cities from now onwards. It’s good news for the citizens of Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Tampa and Charlotte, as they will now receive their respective orders on the same day they place it.

In the wake of current pandemic cases, the leading e-commerce app has enjoyed huge profits as lockdowns were implemented all across the world. In order to maximize its revenue, all of the electronic commerce businesses are coming up with something new, every day, and so is Amazon.

By following the suit, the e-commerce giant has expanded its operations in terms of express delivery to more than 5 states of the United States. The decision was taken in the view of growing competition against its active competitors Walmart and Target. The customers can place orders fairly late and receive their items before they head out of the house the next day, as per the order placement and receiving timings.

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