Kristen Stewart Will Play Princess Diana in Spencer

Hira Areeb

31st Aug, 2021. 02:32 pm

Throughout the history of royal families, there is a name that still influences the younger generation and inspires them, that name is Diana Frances Spencer. No one can deny her legacy and unmatchable charisma which was reflected by her beauty and personality. In a mere 36 years of life, Princess Diana made her mark in the world with her exceptional charity work, her remarkable media presence, and her utter devotion towards her kids. Many actors have had the honor of playing her in different movies and TV shows. Some were met with praise, some not so much.

Recently Emma Corrin’s portrayal of the beloved late princess was highly praised in the Netflix hit series “The Crown” and ever since the audience has been in awe of her performance. But now it seems like that there is going to be yet another depiction of Princess Diana played by Kristen Stewart in a movie called “Spencer” which seems to outclass Emma’s performance. Stewart is famously known for her main role in “The Twilight saga” as Bella which earned her major recognition across the globe.

The movie is directed by Pablo Larrain, a Chilean filmmaker who is best known for his Academy Award nominee movies like Jackie (2016) and No (2012). The movie highlights the time in Diana’s life where she chose to leave Prince Charles and end her marriage. The story takes place around Christmas time in Sandringham back in 1991 where she was spending holidays with the royal family. It will closely look at what might have happened during those three days’ time periods.

Since the release of the trailer and its beautiful movie poster, the movie is already creating Oscar buzz for Kristan Stewart from the critics which is a high compliment considering we just heard her saying “they don’t” in the entire promo.

The actress seems to have an uncanny resemblance with Princess Diana in the trailer and her accent and tone have striking resemblance as well. The 31-year-old actress delivered a spot-on depiction and managed to capture Diana’s essence that made her stand out all those years. Aside from Kristen, Jack Farthing is starring as Prince Charles along with Sally Hawkins and Timothy Spall. The movie is set to premiere at Venice Film Festival on September 3rd this year.

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