Afghan refugee to get up to $2,275 in aid by the US

Web Desk News Agency

04th Sep, 2021. 12:50 am
afghans on airport

The Biden government and more than 200 private agencies are in rush to create a system for the relocation of tens of thousands of Afghans.

Many of the Afghan refugees have escaped their country with little more than the clothes they were wearing.

The State Department plans to spend as much as $2,275 for each emigrant as the rearrangement exertion explains in societies across the country over the next few months.

According to a department official, the money is to be used for housing, food, other supplies, and registering children in school.

“This is not business as usual. We’re not ready. We’ve never done anything like this,” said Chris George, executive director of Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services in New Haven, Connecticut. “But we’re going to get ready. And if it’s not perfect, that’s OK, because this is an emergency.”

As many as 50,000 migrants will arrive under philanthropic parole, a stopgap program that gives them a year to apply for permanent visas.

Whereas Afghans that worked directly for the U.S. government will be under discrete immigration groups.


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