Bilawal warns PM Imran Khan about amnesty to terrorist groups

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

17th Sep, 2021. 09:23 pm
Bilawal Criticizes 'Poor Economic Policies' Of PTI Government

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari stated that offering amnesty to terrorist groups is an insult to the victims of terrorism.

The PPP chairman, said Friday that the decision would boost terrorist groups existing in Pakistan.

“The unilateral decision to offer amnesty to terrorist groups within Pakistan is an insult to the thousands of victims of terrorism,” wrote Bilawal.

Bilawal stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s strategy to “appease the religious fascists” in Pakistan and on its Eastern and Western borders will make the country pay the price in the near future.

“Imran’s policy of appeasement to religious fascism within Pakistan as well as on our eastern & western borders will haunt us in [times] to come,” the leader added.


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