Gohar Rasheed replies to Sharmila Faruqi’s comment, ‘oppression is not a choice’

Sana FatimaWeb Editor

16th Sep, 2021. 12:18 am
Gohar Rasheed

Gohar Rasheed posted a story on the viral video clip from his drama scene Lapata in which Daniyal got slapped back from Falak. He posted a message on this scene that “oppression is a choice”.

After posting this message Sharmila hit the comment section with a huge note her focus was on “oppression is not a choice.”

In response, Rasheed then responded to Faruqi’s comment via his Instagram Story, “With all due respect ma’am. Then how can we break this vicious cycle? If thousands of women are being oppressed daily, how can we change that reality?” he asked.

“The main reason why women tolerate all this injustice is because of fear, the norms, and taboos that have been created by our unsophisticated society. And now this fear is becoming a mindset for these women and the only thing that can change this mindset is an idea. An idea of not being oppressed, tolerant or fear any injustice or abuse by the spineless men of our society,” the actor reasoned.

“The ‘slap scene’ depicts a woman standing up for herself and saying no to violence which is a step towards breaking that vicious circle. Oppression is a choice, an idea for the generation to come where no woman should accept being abused or oppressed due to the social norms and if she does tolerate being oppressed then that is her choice, not a mindset anymore,” he wrote.

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