MAO college lecturer harassment complaint withdrawn by female student

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

10th Sep, 2021. 11:25 pm
mao college

A female student of the MAO College in Lahore has withdrawn her harassment complaint against a lecturer in a written application to Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Whereas, she asserted in her application that the lecturer should be relocated from the educational institute.

The letter written to the HEC by the female student said that the lecturer did not harass her and they persisted in touch with each other through messages.

According to the letter whatever happened was a misunderstanding and the matter should not be investigated further.

She further added that if the HEC considers it fit, the lecturer should be relocated from the college.

The higher education department in Punjab relocated the lecturer from the MAO College after the letter and directed him to report to the department.

Previously, the committee set up for inquiry of sexual harassment of a female student at the hands of a male professor in MAO College said in the preliminary report that the professor did indeed compelled the female student to meet him for levitation of grades in exams.

Whereas, the male lecturer at MAO College sent unfitting text messages to his female student and pressured her into meeting outside of the college using the temptation of giving her extra marks.

In the report, the committee stated that the lecturer should be banned from being relocated to any female college as he postures a threat of harassment.

The college principal said, in any society, the teacher is thought to be the role model, and thus such occurrences are unacceptable.


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