Pakistan wishes to improve economic relations with Egypt

Syed AhadWeb Editor

10th Sep, 2021. 09:00 pm

A seminar planned by the Cairo-based Pakistan Embassy to spot the “Pakistan-Egypt Friendship Day”.

At the start of the seminar titled “Pakistan’s Engagement with Africa – the Continent of the Future”, a video note of the Foreign Minister of Pakistan opening upon the Engage Africa Policy of the government was played for the audience.

The audience was assessed by Ambassador Sajid Bilal about the steps taken to enhance the engagement of Pak with Africa. In this regard, he highlighted the advancement made in consolidating Pakistan’s two-sided relationship with Egypt in all areas of mutual interest containing political, economic, commercial, and defense fields.

He expressed that modern Pakistan provides itself as a melting pot for optimistic worldwide interest by offering greater connectivity and economic bases as a progress strategy. He also marked the unstable focus of Pak from geo-politics to geo-economics.


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