Back to the Future may spring into reality as Chinese firm develops flying car

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27th Oct, 2021. 10:18 pm

HT Aero presents flying car that can also drive on roads. Credit: XPeng/HT Aero

It seems like visuals from the movie Back to the Future may finally turn into reality as a Chinese company has developed an electric vehicle that is capable of flying.

HT Aero an associate of Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng developed a car that can not only be taken on the roads but can be airborne as well.

The flying car which is electrically powered is expected to be released in 2024.

The company has released computer-generated imagery (CGI) showcasing the car’s smooth flying with driving adaptation. However, the company has claimed that the final product of the next-generation car may vary from the video.

The flying car with road-capability features a lightweight design and a foldable rotor mechanism, which lets the car drive on roads and then take off once the rotors open.

The rotor is inserted under the gull-wing doors.

The video does not show any specifications of the flying car, but it will be fascinating to understand how the car will produce the essential boost that will allow it to be airborne.

The company has already attracted $500 million from investors.

Watch the video here: