Dawlance joins hands with WWF-Pakistan

Staff Reporter BOL News

23rd Oct, 2021. 10:50 am

KARACHI: With a commitment to preserve nature, Dawlance has collaborated with the WWF-Pakistan to promote environmental sustainability and has taken up the mission of planting 10,000 trees in the vicinity of Karachi University, a statement said.

This extensive plantation drive signifies the importance of nature’s ecological balance for the prevention of global warming and climate change. This collaboration with the WWF is a part of the “Dawlance for Humanity” initiative that aims at fostering environmental and economic sustainability, while enabling a better quality of life and healthcare for the Pakistani nation.

This valuable initiative is a part of the brand’s sustainability objective, which will also include various activities that are environmentally-friendly like green workshops, tree plantations and much more in future.

Dawlance chief executive officer Umar Ahsan Khan said: “Environment sustainability is one of the core objectives of Dawlance and its parent company Arçelik. After the Covid-19 pandemic, we initiated Dawlance for Humanity, which focuses on all current and future sustainability, social, community-based and health-related initiatives.”

“Currently, we stand as the sixth most vulnerable country impacted by climate change, as we have lost 25 per cent of its natural forests.”

“Floods, cyclones, heat waves, rising sea levels, sea intrusion, and loss in agricultural productivity have cost us heavily. Studies have proved that by increasing forest footprint, we can minimise the effects of climate change. Dawlance has initiated a “Tree-a-Thon” plantation drive. Under the campaign, we have already planted 5,000 mangroves and now our target is to plant 10,000 more trees, suitable to the local environment and soil conditions with significant medicinal values.”

“It will also support native birds and animals for creating balance within the ecosystem. The trees we are planting ensure a positive impact on the environment without consuming a large amount of water,” Khan said.

Meanwhile, Dr Masood Arshad, senior director footprint of WWF-Pakistan, said: “The partnership with Dawlance will help us ensure that we keep the ecosystem intact.”

It is estimated that a single tree planted will minimise the effect of carbon dioxide at an average of 50 pounds annually and enough to provide oxygen for two persons; hence, 10,000 trees will serve 20,000 people, while offsetting around 0.5 million pounds of atmospheric carbon dioxide annually.

Environment sustainability is one of the core objectives of Dawlance and its parent company Arçelik. Under the plantation drive “Tree-a-Thon”, multiple stakeholders will be engaged to proceed with a series of large-scale community development initiatives, leading to a greener, cleaner world for the future generations.

Dawlance will continue its efforts for a “Perfect balance of nature and technology” through the company’s annual sustainability objectives, which are in line with Arçelik’s vision of sustainability”.