Desert, sea and mountains — journey to Sapat beach

Desert, sea and mountains — journey to Sapat beach

Desert, sea and mountains — journey to Sapat beach

The motorcycles used by the author and his friends for their trip to Sapat beach. Photo: Ali Ousat


KARACHI: Walking through Sapat beach at Lasbela, Balochistan is not an easy task. My friends and I decided to crisscross 220 kilometres on our two-wheelers from Karachi to Balochistan.

Our journey began from Nazimabad where we put on our safety gear to ride the motorcycles on the highway.

After half an hour of traveling through Hub River Road, I reached Hub district of Balochistan and later stayed at Winder. There, we got some food and reached zero point where we took the Makran Coastal Highway.

The destination? Sapat beach, commonly known as Buji Koh in local language — a truly beautiful and unexplored spot.

The name Buji Koh refers to the formation of rocks, a steep cliff that is naturally rising from the sand.


The beach was an entirely different location. A one hour, off-road journey in the desert was hard for new travellers except for those who had powerful vehicles or were experts in riding motorcycles.

I decided to reach the beach on my two-wheeler as riding a motorcycle was more fun than taking a ride in a car.

While crossing the desert, one must make sure to have plenty of water in order to stay hydrated. However, the locals also placed some water cans in different locations in case of any emergency.

Before reaching Buji Koh, I spent the night at a roadside eatery on the charpoy where locals greeted us warmly. On their request, we stayed at the hotel as it is impossible to cross the desert at night and to reach the beach.

Early in the morning before sunrise, I got up and kick-started my motorcycle. After 15 minutes, I crossed the historical mud volcanoes, which was a sacred annual pilgrimage site for Hindus. The mud volcanoes were one of the most attractive sites to visit.

Stunning beauty


After travelling through the volcano areas and desert, we had reached our destination. The stunning beauty of the entire beach was worth the travel. The site would fascinate tourists, if the government decides to develop the region.

Buji Koh or Sapat beach, situated in the middle of Makran Coastal Highway, is a famous destination for its caved beach. The largely unexplored beach of Buji Koh is a site worth spending weekends for a holiday to remember.

The locals believe that no one can explain its beauty in a single sentence as there were some caves on the cliffs and the beach has a big colony of crabs.

The water is crystal clear with no one in sight for miles, except for a few fishermen.

It’s fair to say the tourist area was as beautiful as those in Thailand, Australia and other stunning beach destinations. The mountains, desert and sea surrounding the beach is amongst the most beautiful in the world.

One can visit all these amazing destinations in one day. However, it is recommended that the visitors leave early and drive through wide, open highways. Do not let the lack of food and fuel facilities deter you from experiencing this marvellous area. Make arrangements in advance and the tourist attraction would turn out to be a worthwhile experience. It is all about the journey.


The blue waters put the visitor in a trance. This experience was made rich by the aura of the sea and the smooth sand. Buji Koh rests between mountains and a vast desert.

The sightseer will experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the region’s beauty. It was a destination that was yet to be explored and a place that could be visited by friends and families. The locals were also helpful and friendly people.

A trip to Buji Koh was one of the most beautiful destinations that offer tourists time amidst pristine natural wonders.


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