Halloween outfits from last decade to inspire you

Mubeen Arif Staff Reporter

20th Oct, 2021. 07:55 pm

Some would say the last year has been one long horror show for the entire world. But as we all slowly moves towards normalcy and everyday life, and with Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get back in your resting witch face. To inspire you all, we’ve assembled top celebrity Halloween looks from across the past decade.

2020: Kylie Jenner as a power ranger. It’s giving high fashion, it’s giving polished and sophisticated, and it’s giving sexy. There’s no qualm about the Jenners and the Kardashians dominating many of the fashion forefronts in these years. But keeping the iconic met ball looks aside, this particular Jenner is giving a hot superhero get-up in a futuristic modernized version. Inspired by Mighty Morphin’s Red Ranger attire, she wore a crop top with high-waisted leggings. She topped the look with a visor mask based on the iconic Red Ranger helmet and a white belt for her pretend morpher. It was truly exquisite in its entirety, including the final touch; a long red wig. Flawless. Chef’s kiss.

2019: Neil Patrick Harris and his family are no amateurs. Over the years, they’ve taken each Halloween to reach new creative heights when it comes to costumes. We’ve seen the How I Met Your Mother star in several looks including some of our favorites like Frankenstein, Gotham’s Riddler and Charlie Chaplin. But in 2019, Harris and Burtka outdid themselves and rolled up to Heidi Klum’s Halloween Bash as the Olsen Twins. Not just that, they embodied the twins’ entire hate-everything vibe from top to bottom. Contoured cheekbones, long blond wigs, all black everything, the casual cigarette in hand, and the impassive demeanor; they pulled all the stops for their character.

2018: Zoë Kravitz as a vampire? Yes! We’re here for it. The Big Little Lies star has turned up quite a few fashion stunts, like recreating Lisa Bonet’s iconic Rolling Stones cover that left us shook. But this “Mornings Suck Vampire” Halloween look is such a relevant vibe for a post pandemic era. A pink towel wrapped upon her head paired with a long elegant red robe over a bloodied tank and boxers, perfecting the look with elegant Gucci Princetown black leather fur-lined shoes. To sell the look? DETAILS! A stack of newspapers, a yellow smiley mug with blood dripping on the edge, and those impassive cat eye sunglasses. Cherry on top; those must have Seinfeld socks! She was certainly selling a “What we do in the Shadows” vibe but with elegance. An effortlessly glamorous all-rounder and easy to recreate!

2017: Kim Kardashian and her best friend Jonathan Cheban rolled up at Casamigos’ annual Halloween party as the famous American pop duo, Sonny and Cher from their 1973’s Academy Awards look. Now this look may have been tried by several celebrities over the years, but this one definitely steals the spotlight. Kim Kardashian, stunning as ever, wore a custom made two-piece suit by Brazilian couturier Alexandra Fructuoso, detailed right down to the pink nails that Cher had. Cheban wore an exact burgundy suit custom made by Stello, pairing it with a moustache just like the late singer’s. Safe to say, they understood the assignment, for the resemblance between the two pairs is uncanny! Even Cher herself liked it!

2016: Lewis Hamilton, barely recongisable, showed up to Heidi Klum’s party as none other than the iconic Joker. Cliché? Maybe, but the F1 world champion’s look is so spot on that it became an all-time favourite. White paint and the iconic maniacal grin smeared across his face, exhibiting a tailor-fit blue suit and a shabby coat on top, with a customary green wig, he checked all the boxes when portraying the classic Heath Ledger ensemble. To top the whole look off, he wore elegant green brogues. Doesn’t get any more refined and crazy than this.

2015: Gigi Hadid dressing up as Sandy from Grease is the most effortless chic Halloween look ever. Styled by the Kardashian stylist, Monica Rose, Gigi strutted down Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween bash in 2015 in the most convincing Sandy Olsson look (but of course no one beats the OG – Olivia-Newton John). Wearing a leather spandex from American Apparel and an off the shoulder top from the House of CB, paired with gorgeous curly blond hair and a red lipstick, this woman brought the house down with her incredibly beautiful look. This has got us all humming summer nights, wishing we could pull this off as good as Gigi did.

2014: Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo, cutest as ever in this look, turned back the clock and went to Maroon 5’s annual Halloween party as an 80’s couple. They served as an extremely hot retro couple, with Adam Levine showing off his bare chest as he went with the rocker vibe; long ruffled hair, a sleeveless denim jacket with tiger print shoulder panels and black leather pants. Behati showed off her perfect body in a color-coordinated workout outfit inspired by Jane Fonda, wearing a pink-black leotard and knee-length black socks with a stripy pink top paired with the cutest baby pink sneakers. She further detailed her look with a white headband, long blond hair and a stark red lipstick, all-encompassing that 80’s energy. It’s retro, iconic and definitely a top duo look.

2013: Iggy Azalea as the Cruella de Vil sets a high bar amongst all recreations of the said character. She came to Vevo’s Halloween red carpet nailing the infamous villain’s look, from head to toe. With a voluminous two tone wig (signature Cruella), the most elegant high-waisted houndstooth pants (very on brand considering how the checkered design in houndstooth pants was inspired by a hound dogs teeth), a white blouse and of course a luxurious black and white fur coat. She further embellished her outfit with silver and pearl accessories as she walked the runway with an actual Dalmatian on a leash! Not only that, she arrived in a replica of Cruella’s car from the film. Talk about commitment.

2012: Scott Disick as Patrick Bateman is super convincing. Recreating the iconic American Psycho look is challenging but it’s all in getting the details just right. Otherwise, you might end up look like just another random person. The Keeping up with the Kardashians star remained faithful to the persona of the character, which to be honest is not that farfetched to do for a person like him, the narcissism and the detached persona is perhaps innate to Scott. But just visually, the reality star brought out the entire shebang in his white collar psycho vibe; suspenders, a contrasting tie, long trimmed slick back hair and the murderous axe to seal the look.

2011: Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween, without a doubt. The famous German-American model, famously known as the host of Project Runway, has been hosting her annual Halloween Bash for about two decades now, and every year, she turns it out! Her dedication to this holiday is truly inspiring (and scary good!). I’m talking two decades of the most iconic looks ever to be served on the Halloween runway. This look dubbed as “the visible woman” sets a high bar, almost giving us a colossal titan vibe, rocking an entire flesh body suit which was hand painted to mimic her body’s structure. Skeletal looks were a cliché at that time, and Heidi elevated the era with something so creatively daring.