Houthis seize key area in Yemen’s Marib, 85 killed

Xinhua Xinhua

26th Oct, 2021. 08:12 pm

Photo: File

ADEN, Yemen — Fighters of the Houthi rebel group seized a key area from the government’s grip in Yemen’s oil-rich northern province of Marib on Tuesday, a military official told Xinhua.

Following several days of fighting, the Houthi militia advanced and captured Jadeed area, the center of the strategic district of Al Jubah, in Marib’s southern part, the local military source said on condition of anonymity.

He said that the Houthi fighters raided the district’s security headquarters and the local government’s building in Al Jubah after expelling the army units from the area.

The source pointed out that the battles are still continuing between the two warring sides in areas near Al Jubah district amid attempts by the Houthis to advance further towards Marib city.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Arabia-led coalition declared that it carried out 29 aerial operations in two districts near the strategic city of Marib, hitting elements of the Houthi militia.

The aerial bombardment concentrated against Al Jubah and Al-Kassara districts, and the coalition stated that more than 85 Houthi rebel fighters were killed and nine military vehicles were destroyed.

According to the coalition’s press release, the air raids conducted against the Houthi-held sites in Marib will continue in order to support the Yemeni government forces.

The Houthi militia launched in February a major offensive toward Marib in an attempt to seize control of the province, the last northern stronghold of the Saudi-backed Yemeni government.