Twitter takes over the group chat application Sphere

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21st Oct, 2021. 03:02 pm

Twitter acquires Sphere

According to the reports, the group chat application Sphere has recently been acquired by the micro-blogging application, Twitter.

The Sphere app founders sold their previous news summary app, by the name Summly, to Yahoo, for around $30 million, back in 2013. The exact figure of the amount exchanged for Summly was not disclosed by either of the parties. Currently, the news regarding Sphere takeover was first reported to the news website, TechCrunch.

“Much like others, we’ve been watching and admiring Twitter’s growing investment in community-building with the release of Communities, Spaces, and features that promote safety,” Sphere wrote in a blog post.

“It’s been a long and exciting journey to this point. Like many startups, Sphere started with a very different mission — to help anyone find and share knowledge instantly through the creation of a ‘global brain.’ We originally built a marketplace of paid experts from all around the world, connecting them through group chat,” it further said.

“What we realised is that some of the most helpful and knowledgeable conversations came from groups where members felt a strong sense of belonging to one another. In other words, at the heart of our challenge was helping every single person find their community. The opportunity is massive.” it continued.