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Pilac plans to launch a Punjabi television channel

Pilac plans to launch a Punjabi television channel

Pilac plans to launch a Punjabi television channel

Three major projects to promote Punjabi culture and language will be launched by the Pilac.

The Punjab Institute of Language, Art, and Culture (Pilac), based in Lahore, has three major projects in the works. Satellite television, a cultural hamlet, and a crafts bazaar are among the proposals.

According to the media, Pilac is also aiming to form a dance squad to perform Punjabi cultural dances. Dancers will be contracted on a month-to-month basis and will perform at various occasions and events.

Pilac’s other objective, in addition to the TV channel, is to maintain Punjabi village life. They’ll make use of the abundant space at Pilac to recreate the scenes of the village.

Mud huts, courtyards, pottery, a cooking area, a Persian wheel, and other recurring themes from an actual village will be included in the artificial hamlet. The well-planned design of this community will be carried out by specialized artisans.

These efforts are being carried out in order to promote the distinguished Punjabi culture and language.

The Secretary of Information and Culture, Raja Jahangir, held a meeting at Pilac a few days ago. The final elements of the project were discussed during the discussion.

Dr. Sughra Sadaf, the Pilac Director-General, is confident that these projects will aid in the promotion of Punjab’s rich culture and traditions.

Finally, the Punjab crafts bazaar will be established in order to promote Punjabi culture. Between the Alhamra Cultural Complex (Gaddafi Stadium) and Pilac, a partition wall with around 8 shops will be built.

Pottery, handicrafts, cultural clothing, textiles, antiques, woodworks, ornaments, musical instruments, and food will be on display and for sale in the stores. Pilac will be able to make money from the bazaar.

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