The science behind recycling metal cans

The science behind recycling metal cans

The science behind recycling metal cans

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Did you know that all-metal cans are recyclable, from canned food to soda and aerosol cans, all-metal cans including aluminium and steel are substantially recyclable.

The American and Iron Steel Institute stated that more than 90% of the co-products are recycled or reprocessed. But if you’re not recycling the right way, you risk polluting the entire batch of recyclable materials.

The metals are non-renewable natural resources, they’re narrow in quantity, this is the reason it is important to recycle the cans.

Types of recyclable metal cans

All metal cans are biodegradable, like:

  • Beverage cans, like soda and juices
  • Paint cans
  • Canned goods
  • Aerosol cans

How to clean metal cans

Don’ts: Lob cans into the recycling bin before the process of cleaning. In case the food or liquid particles are left in the cans, it can infect a whole batch of recyclables.

Do’s: Make sure all cans are empty and don’t contain any form of liquid or food left in the container.

How to handle the lids

Canned goods: Never remove the lid or top of the can halfway before placing it into the recycling bin. In its place, totally eradicate the top from the can and place it inside the can after cleaning.

Aerosol cans: Tops on aerosol cans are usually plastic, so the lids should remove before putting the cans into the bin.


What else can I do?

  • Avoid piercing aerosol cans to remove the leftover liquid.
  • Make sure the paint is all dried or totally washed out before recycling. If you have excess paint or other dangerous waste try discarding it in a safe bin or dump it in the garbage where no one can get hurt.
  • Never crush aluminum cans before reprocessing because they can pollute the batch.


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