According to Biden’s judicial nominee the border wall and  laws, are “rooted in White supremacy.”

According to Biden’s judicial nominee the border wall and  laws, are “rooted in White supremacy.”

According to Biden’s judicial nominee the border wall and  laws, are “rooted in White supremacy.”

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During a recently found podcast, President Biden’s candidate for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York stated that Republican-backed initiatives such as voter ID laws and the U.S.-Mexico border wall are rooted in White supremacy.

Natasha Merle’s candidacy, along with seven other federal judicial nominations, was announced by Biden in January, with the goal of fulfilling a “commitment to ensuring that the nation’s courts represent the diversity that is one of our greatest advantages as a country,” according to the White House at the time.

Merle is the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund’s (NAACP LDF) deputy director of litigation and has recently taught racial justice and equality courses at Columbia University and New York University.

Merle attacked Republicans who decried racism during the now-infamous Unite the Right march yet continue to support racist policies during an edition of “The Breach” podcast shortly following the 2017 Charlottesville car-ramming assault.

“What we saw in Charlottesville this past weekend was horrific,” Merle stated at the time. “And while many individuals, Republicans, and legislators have spoken out to condemn neo-Nazis and white supremacy, I believe politicians can and should do more.”


“You know, it’s illogical to condemn White supremacy while supporting voter ID laws, the Muslim ban, and ‘the wall,'” she said. “All of these things promote and are based on White supremacy. Voter ID legislation disproportionately affects Black and Brown, voters. They disproportionately disenfranchise Black and Latino voters. So you can’t say you oppose White supremacy while also voting to disenfranchise Black and Latino voters.”

Merle also discussed structural racism in a Martin Luther King Jr. Day lecture to college students in January 2020, when explaining the kind of cases the NAACP LDF takes.

“Cases are frequently brought to our notice by members of the local community or local connections,” she explained at the Washington & Lee University School of Law. “From there, it definitely needs to have a racial influence and a racial component, although I would say that everything does in this society on a meta-level.”

Merle appeared to link today’s voter ID legislation to “dogs and whips” used to oppress minority communities earlier in his address.

Merle was nominated as a judicial nominee on the website of the People’s Parity Project, a national “network of law students and new attorneys mobilizing to unrig the legal system and construct a justice system that prioritizes people above corporations.” The organization, which has sponsored a number of radical politicians who favor “environmental justice” and “racial justice,” established a “Trump Accountability Team,” which encourages law students to harass law schools and law firms who recruit Trump administration attorneys.

People’s Parity Project tweeted in January 2022, “Natasha Merle is a 2008 law school graduate who has committed her career to public service, most recently as Deputy Director of Litigation at LDF.”

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