PM Imran Khan to Meet NZ counterpart Ardern today

Anum RizwanWeb Editor

24th Sep, 2019. 12:20 pm

On the sidelines of the UNGA session today, PM Khan will meet with Mrs. Sahle Work-Zewde, President of Ethiopia and Ms. Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand.

According to details, A meeting is also scheduled Premier Khan and Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, President of Egypt.

The PM will also go to state luncheon hosted by the Secretary-General of the UN. Afterward, he will host a dinner in honor of the heads of delegations of Organization of Islamic Council contact group on Jammu and Kashmir and will meet the Prime Minister of New Zealand Ms. Jacinda Ardern.

Prime Minister Imran Khan meets Global Leaders

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday met US President Donald Trump in a televised event during which reporters were also present.

The two spoke on the situation in the Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK), with PM Imran telling Trump that he felt that it was “the beginning of a crisis”.

Addressing the US president and the reporters, he said: “Trump heads the most powerful country in the world. And the most powerful country in the world has a responsibility.

“I honestly feel that this crisis could become much bigger. We look to the US to put out flames in the world,” the PM said.

Trump, on the other hand, noted that “many countries wanted to meet with me and we were unable to meet with them”. He added: “I will tell you this: You have a great leader. He’s a good man, a nice man. Happens to be a great athlete.”

US president Donald Trump once again said that he was ready to mediate between Pakistan and India on the Kashmir issue, but both sides have to agree on that.

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