Stray dog attacks and injures baby girl in Okara

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

11th Nov, 2019. 08:53 pm
Stray dog in Okara shreds baby girl

A minor baby girl, bitten and badly injured by a stray dog in Chak No 2 1L near Okara village.

According to details, Rahman Town resident Allah Dutta said that my youngest daughter Aaliyah had gone to visit her relatives in the village of Chuck No. 21L where she was attacked and bitten by a pye-dog her whole body was filled with wounds.

The father of the victim added that the girl was taken to a local hospital, THQ, for medical assistance, where there was no vaccination.

DHQ hospital staff asked the parents to leave with their injured child as they did not have the anti-rabies vaccine, commonly known as ARV.

Parents demanded to take notice from DCO Maryam Khan and Minister of Health.

Earlier this month, A man who had been admitted to Karachi’s Jinnah hospital with rabies four days ago died.

The 45-year-old Muhammad Saleem Ditta, had been admitted with irritability, difficulty swallowing and hydrophobia after which he developed rabies encephalitis.

He was bitten by a stray dog in Karachi 40 days ago while trying to protect his daughter from the animals.

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It is pertinent to mention that in the last 10 months in Sindh, more than 100,000 people have become victims of stray dog bites.

Due to unavailability of the anti-rabies vaccines, the toll rises to nine at Jinnah hospital while the overall death count reaches 18 in Karachi.

Any person who is bitten by a stray dog should be immediately given immunoglobulin and four to five doses of the anti-rabies vaccine, experts say, to prevent the affected person from developing rabies encephalitis, which is a hundred percent lethal and incurable disease.

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