Tiger force formed to meet challenges presented by COVID-19

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04th May, 2020. 03:29 pm
Tiger Force

Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan has said that the Corona Relief Tiger Force will assist those in need during this difficult time as the administration is unable to every thing alone in these crucial times.

He was addressing nation about the details of Tiger Force. He was accompanied with Special Assistant on Youth Affairs Usman Dar and State Health Minister Dr Zafar Mirza.

While addressing Prime Minsiter Imran Khan, said this volunteer force formed to meet the challenges presented by the pandemic. The entire world being forced to take steps that haven’t taken in the past 100 years. Lockdown in the country has to be lifted slowly but gradually to mitigate the economic impact on the people of Pakistan.

“We need to lift the lockdown so that people can get jobs. But we have to careful because all of our efforts will go in vain if people don’t take precautionary measures.” Prime Minister Imran Khan added that this will be where the volunteer force will come in. “You will go to union councils and publicize the government’s guidelines.”

He outlined the role of the Corona Relief Tiger Force, stating that the volunteer force required to strike a balance between saving people from the virus and saving them from hunger and unemployment. Volunteers will have to register all those that have lost their jobs due to the lockdown at their respective union councils. Not everyone can register themselves so that is where the force will come in.” He added that volunteers will also monitor the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme and give the Centre feedback. “If you see hoarding anywhere, don’t take action yourself but tell the administration. They will take action,” he added.

Dr Zafar Mirza

Speaking alongside Prime Minister Dr Zafar Mirza said that 17,000 of the people who had volunteered for the Corona Relief Tiger Force belonged to the medical community. The PM’s aide said: “No one really knows how long this disease will last […] everyone needs to play their role.”

He added that medical professionals will given specific roles so that they can help the government in implementing standard operating procedures. “Doctors will also volunteer for telehealth initiatives so that they can give advice to patients over the phone,” he said.

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