India Should Abandon ‘Chanakya Doctrine’ And Adopt Peace: FO

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

09th Oct, 2020. 09:18 pm
India Should Abandon 'Chanakya Doctrine’ And Adopt Peace: FO

Pakistan termed the statement made by the Indian Air Force chief that it was ready to fight with China and Pakistan at the same time, as irresponsible and said that India should keep in mind its “defence limitations”.

India’s Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria had claimed in a press conference earlier this week that India was ready for war on two fronts.

He said, “We are ready and in the best position to face China and they have no chance to take the lead over us.”

Referring to the threats facing India on the northern and western borders, he had said that India was fully prepared to take on China and Pakistan on two fronts.

“We are aware that the two are cooperating closely and there is a serious threat, but so far there is no indication that they are preparing for war on both fronts,” the Indian air chief said.

Responding to the statement, Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry said, “Such provocative statements are a reflection of the extremist ideology and supremacy of the RSS-BJP.”

“It is astonishing that India’s senior political and military leaders, including the region, are constantly making provocative statements against Pakistan, putting India’s peace at stake,” he said.

Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry said that “the Indian chief should not forget his defence weaknesses while bragging like this which has become very clear to the world.”

Questioning India’s defence capability, he cited months of clashes on the northern border with China this year, saying India’s defence was “first a failed move by Balakot and recently exposed in Ladakh”.

The Foreign Office spokesman said that India should not ignore the spirit of the Pakistani nation and the readiness of the Armed Forces against any of its heinous acts.

He said that for the sake of peace and prosperity in South Asia, India should abandon the ‘Chanakya Doctrine’ of the third century and adopt the model of peace and development of the region in the 21st century.

It may be recalled that last month, India’s Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat had made provocative statements against Pakistan and threatened to harm Pakistan if it tried to take advantage of the ongoing tensions with China.

Addressing a seminar organized by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, General Bipin Rawat had said that Pakistan and Chinese forces were threatening India with “joint action” on the northern and western borders.

“We know that Pakistan will be ready to launch a proxy war, but if there is a threat on our northern border, Pakistan can take advantage of it and create problems for us on the western border,” he said.

He claimed that Pakistan would face “huge losses” if it carried out any kind of “miss adventure”.

Pakistan had condemned the statement of the Indian Chief of Defense Staff and asked him to focus on his work instead of making provocative statements and accusing his henchmen.

The Foreign Office had responded to his statement by saying that “such provocative statements” by India’s senior military leadership were revealing the attitude of the BJP-RSS, which was “dangerously extremist”. It is a combination of full-fledged supremacy and madness against Pakistan, and this ideology has permeated Indian state institutions.

The statement said that the Indian government, instead of learning from mistakes on every geopolitical or military blow, adds to the baseless and provocative situation.

Referring to tensions with China, the Foreign Office said that “India’s defence capabilities have not been exposed to the world in a shameful manner for a long time.”

Reacting to the Indian general’s statement, it was further said that “India has received nothing but humiliation from the violent statements. The Indian leadership should focus on finding a peaceful solution to the issues that need to be resolved instead of smoothing anti-Pakistan public opinion.”

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