Marine Pollution Threatens Aquatic life In Karachi

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

07th Nov, 2020. 10:37 pm
Marine Pollution Threatens Aquatic life In Karachi

Marine pollution has tarnished the beauty of the Karachi coast, beaches around the world attract tourist, but Karachi’s beach has become a picture of filth and garbage while marine pollution threatens aquatic life too.

Karachi’s cheapest entertainment venue, where citizens flock to enjoy the waves of the sea. Dirty oil from ships and launches is the biggest cause of marine pollution.

A walk on the beach where there is peace and contentment. At the same time, environmental and marine pollution is having a negative impact on the beauty and charm of the coast.

Beach restaurants play an important role in marine pollution. The vendors, stalls and the number of wheelbarrows play a negative role in the beauty of the sea. More than half of the water used by Pakistan’s industries and residential areas is discharged into the sea through rivers, which is a great example of environmental hostility. The rapid rise in marine pollution is severely affecting aquatic life.

Industrial waste and sewage water in Karachi has become a threat to marine life, the environment and human lives, and millions of gallons of sewage are falling into the sea every day due to lack of water treatment.

According to the report, the total volume of untreated wastewater in the sea of Karachi is more than 400 million gallons per day, while 100 million gallons of industrial waste falls into the sea daily without treatment.

Experts say that due to the polluted sea air, various epidemics are spreading in the city and 80% of the city’s population is suffering from some form of allergy.

Disposal of sewage directly into the sea without treatment is poisoning the air of Karachi on the one hand and on the other hand aquatic life has also become a nuisance.

Surveys by international organizations show that pollution in the Arabian Sea is increasing at an alarming rate, and that Karachi, among other cities, has a role to play, with millions of gallons of sewage being dumped into the sea every day.

Severe threats to marine life
Experts warn that unless immediate action is taken, the fish found in Karachi’s waters will not be able to eat.

Officials of the World Wildlife Fund Pakistan say that the number of turtles has also decreased significantly due to the pollution of the sea in Karachi.

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