Reminiscent of unmatched courage; Pak Navy celebrates 49th Hangor Day

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

09th Dec, 2020. 11:56 am
Hangor Day

Recalling the glorious reminiscence, Pakistan Navy is celebrating the 49th Hangor Day with national zeal and enthusiasm to pay homage to the veteran warriors who outflanked Indian ships in 1971.

Hangor, under the command of Commander Ahmed Tasnim, sank the Indian Navy’s INS Khukri, an anti-submarine frigate, with one homing torpedo on 9 December 1971 during the western front of the third war with India in 1971.

This was the only recorded submarine kill after World War II until the Falklands War, when the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarine, HMS Conqueror, sank the Argentine Navy cruiser, General Belgrano.

In 1971 war, Pakistan Navy conducted successful operations, meant for strategic deterrence and gave a befitting reply to anti-Pakistan forces, a similarity of which is hard to find in the domain of naval warfare.

Hangor’s sensors detected the number of radar transmissions from the direction of Bombay harbor on 2 December 1971 and those transmissions were evaluated and assessed to be of Indian warships.

The submarine’s quick sweep with radar and periscope revealed that the formation consisted of 6 escorts screening a main body of four ships.

Indian navy, immediately after the attack, launched Operation Falcon and carried out massive anti-submarines efforts including deployment of anti-submarine ships, shore-based surveillance aircraft, Alize (Specialized anti-submarine naval aircraft) and Sea King anti-submarine helicopters in HUK Groups (Hunter-Killer Groups) to hunt down Hangor. Nevertheless, Hangor crew remained steadfast and reached Karachi on 18th December.

On the occasion, Pakistan Navy has released a special documentary featuring the scenes of the attack victorious moments.

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