PM Imran Denies All Slanders By Bashir Memon, says “they are baseless”

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

29th Apr, 2021. 08:19 pm
Bashir Memon PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan has on Thursday issued his remarks regarding the allegations surfaced against him by former Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) chief Bashir Memon.

The Prime Minister, while speaking to media officials in Islamabad, claimed that “all the claims” made by Bashir Memon are “baseless”.

“I had only directed Memon to investigate the iqama (work permit) case of PML-N’s Khawaja Asif,” he said.

“The decision to investigate the case of Khawaja Asif was taken during a meeting of the federal cabinet,” the PM said.

He further added, “He had directed Memon to investigate whether the country’s former foreign minister was holding a foreign resident permit and withdrawing a salary from foreign sources.”

“All the claims made by Bashir Memon are baseless,” the premier said. “I have never directed him to initiate investigations or file any cases against Justice Qazi Faez Isa.”

PM Imran added: “Bashir Memon was not even authorised to file references [against a Supreme Court judge], so why would I ask him to do so in the first place?”

On the other hand, while answering a question, PM Imran said, “He had also not directed Memon to file any cases against Opposition leader Maryam Nawaz or anyone else from the PML-N or the PPP.”

“I have never asked [the FIA] to file a terrorism case against Maryam Nawaz regarding the photograph of the First Lady.”

Claims By Bashir Memom

While talking on a private tv channel yesterday, Memon had said that Shehzad Akbar had asked him to conduct an inquiry against Justice Qazi Faiz Issa and Forough Naseem had also supported him.

Shahzad Akbar Sends Legal Notice

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Accountability Shahzad Akbar has sent a legal notice on the allegations levelled by former DG FIA Bashir Memon.

According to details, in a statement released on the social networking website Twitter, Shahzad Akbar said, “My lawyers have issued a legal notice to Bashir Memon for his lies n slanderous accusations with malafide and without any evidence. I firmly believe in rule of law and he shall be answerable before a court of law for his slander.”

The legal notice said that the client Shehzad Akbar was playing an important role against corruption in the country. The purpose of damaging the reputation of the client was to tarnish the anti-corruption measures. An attempt was made to defame the reputation of the client with baseless allegations.

Shehzad Akbar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Accountability, has also sent a notice of Rs 50 crore to the former DG FIA. The notice also said that false allegations were levelled against my client, principal secretary and law minister through a TV channel yesterday. Allegedly, the intentions were to use the FIA ​​against the esteemed judge.

The legal notice sent by Shehzad Akbar’s lawyers demanded an unconditional apology for the allegations and a notice of Rs 50 crore damages has been sent to Bashir Memon. Bashir Memon withdraws all charges against Shehzad Akbar and formally apologizes. If the charges are not withdrawn within 14 days, legal action will be taken.

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