Petrol-Diesel Prices Today: Federal govt announces increase in Prices

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

15th Jun, 2021. 09:51 pm
Petrol at pump stations

The federal government has announced an increase in petrol-diesel prices today till 30th June.

The federal government on Tuesday announced that the price of petrol for June will be Rs110.69 per liter.

According to the ministry that Rs 2.13 is increased in Petroleum price, after which the current rate is Rs 110.69 per liter.

Rs 1.79 was increased in the price of High-speed diesel.

Whereas there is a Rs 2.3 increase in the price of light diesel and the new price is Rs79.68 per liter.

Minister further stated that there with the increase of 1.89 in the price of oil the new price is 81.89.

On the contrary, the new prices will be applicable from 12 am today.



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