Do You Know Why Sadaf Kanwal Refuses To Wear Revealing Clothes?

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

10th Aug, 2021. 08:27 pm
Do you know why Sadaf Kanwal refuses to wear revealing clothes?

Sadaf Kanwal, a fashionista who has grasped the concept of turning heads with her outspoken statements and stunning photoshoots, has come a long way.

Despite her success in the world of glamour and glam, the supermodel can’t ignore the moral brigade, and her declaration becomes a headline.

Shahroz Sabzwari’s love triangle had not been easier since the couple tied the knot.

Sadaf recently stated in a recent talk show with host Fiza Shoaib that she will never wear inappropriate clothing as she has progressed.

“At the start when you are younger you don’t have a sense of doing things like the model Rabia Butt also explained in her interview, she gave a good statement, talked rightly so”, said Sadaf.

She added, “You wear such clothes in sheer ignorance and later on when you realize the fact that you wore short clothes, the time got to change or pass I realized it now, well, I realized it earlier that I won’t wear short clothes, it happened because at that time I wasn’t mature.”.

Kanwal went on to explain that people continue to evolve and that her decision is based on her line of thought instead of her husband Shahroz’s.

Kanwal had recently created a stir, with the public debating her strong beliefs, which drew considerable criticism for being deeply problematic.


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