The stranded cargo ship at Sea View beach becomes a source of entertainment for citizens

Raba NoorWeb Editor

15th Aug, 2021. 07:10 pm
Cargo Ship

A giant cargo ship stuck at Sea View Karachi has not been taken out yet, but it has become a source of entertainment for the citizens.

On the occasion of Independence Day, the citizens started swinging on a head chain of the ship at Sea View, and some equipment of the rescue company was also stolen.

A large crowd of people arrived to see M.V. HENG TONG 77, and the ship’s captain Omar looks distraught, while police and other security personnel disappeared instead of helping.

According to the report, thousands of people approached the ship on the sea view and even climbed the barge.

According to company sources, there is a possibility of a partial attempt to evacuate the ship today. If this attempt fails, the next operation is likely to start on or after August 20.

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