Indian student travels on foot to meet the love of his life in Pakistan

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

20th Jul, 2020. 07:57 pm

Recently, a 20-year-old Indian boy who belongs to Maharashtra was arrested by the Border Security Force (BSF) in Gujarat’s Rann of Kutch while trying to enter Pakistan on foot to meet his girlfriend. 

According to details, the 20-year-old lover boy is identified as Zishan Mohammad Siddiqui who is a resident of Khwajangar in Maharashtra’s Osmanabad town. The boy had met the Pakistani woman on social media and wanted to meet her eagerly.

The Kutch-East Superintendent of Police, Parikshita Rathod said,

“Siddiqui was held by the BSF on Thursday night and later handed over to the local police.”

He added,

“Police had issued an alert after a motorcycle with the Maharashtra registration number was found abandoned near Dholavira village in the Rann of Kutch on Thursday evening. The BSF later nabbed the man when he was found walking towards the border in a bid to enter Pakistan.” 

According to a Maharashtra police officer, on July 11, Siddiqui had left his home in Osmanabad on a motorcycle to meet the woman in Pakistan because due to the lockdown, there was no public transport means available.

“He went to Kutch on his motorcycle to cross the border and enter Pakistan.”

According to police reports, he started walking towards Pakistan after his motorcycle got stuck in the sand. Police officials said Siddiqui has been in contact with a Pakistani woman over the last few months via social media.

“After his disappearance, his family members had approached the Osmanabad city police station and lodged a missing person’s complaint.”

Rathod added,

“Police launched a probe and Siddiqui’s social media accounts were examined, in which it came to light that he has left home to meet the girl in Pakistan.”

The Osmanabad police cyber wing tracked his location based on his cell phone data, the official said.

He was found near Kutch, and the details were shared with police in Gujarat, he said.

The information about Siddiqui was also shared with BSF officials, according to another official, and he was detained on Thursday night, just before he tried to cross the border and reach Pakistan.

Police in Osmanabad said they received some messages that were exchanged between Siddiqui and the resident in Pakistan. An Osmanabad police team has left for Kutch to take his custody and bring him home, said the official.

According to the statement issued by the BSF, the Indian student was in love with a Pakistan girl who lives in Karachi.

“He wanted to go to Pakistan and had used Google Map for navigation. He was apprehended about 1.5 km short of Indo-Pak international border when he was attempting to cross over to Pakistan. He was in a dehydrated state and revealed that he had gone unconscious for about two hours in the Rann.”

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