International Men’s Day 2020: Better health for men and boys

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

19th Nov, 2020. 07:01 pm
International Men’s Day

To celebrate the contributions and achievements of men and boys towards the nation, society and community at large celebrates International Men’s Day every year on 19 November.

Thomas Oaster introduced International Men’s Day in 1992 on 7th February. It was revived by Jerome Teelucksing who picked 19th November to honour his father’s birthday.

He also chose to celebrate the day on this date, as on this day in 1989 Trinidad and Tobago’s football team had united the country to qualify for the World Cup.

The theme for International Men’s Day 2020 is “Better health for men and boys”.

The theme this time focuses on improvement and enhancement of health and wellbeing of the male population across the world.

The aim is to create awareness about men’s mental health and to look into major aspects of their lives such as social, emotional, physical and spiritual.

This day also highlights the need to work towards an improvement of gender relations and equality.

Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik shared his sand art at Puri beach in Odisha on the occasion of International Men’s Day.

Yash Raj Films shared pictures of actors and wrote, “Thank you for being our strength and a constant. Happy #InternationalMensDay.”

Former Indian batsman Suresh Raina said that on this International Men’s Day, there is a need to envision men as active co-parents. They are not just “helpers” in parenting but also an equal-half, who take up equal responsibilities.

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