Top 10 Struggles Of Online Dating In Pakistan

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

14th Dec, 2020. 05:11 pm
Online dating

Online dating is a phenomenon that is not less than an extreme sport in Pakistan and it doesn’t come without its drawbacks.

Following are some struggles that people phase when they are involved in online dating.

1. Is It The Right Gender?

One can never know who it is on the other end. It could be some man acting like a girl.

2. When The Person And Their Picture Don’t Match!

We all try to look our very best in our display pictures, but sometimes we try too hard and don’t end up looking like our real selves.

3. When They Plan Out Their Whole Life With You

You start the conversation with them, and they think you have agreed to get married to them. Well, that is another struggle convincing them you are not. Or they can simply be blocked.

4. When You Are On Tinder, Bumble, And Every Other Dating Site

This is when one is unsure of where their one true love is, so they make an ID on every app available. This just increases the possibility of being caught by people you know!

5. Dating Sites Ask Stupid Questions 

Making a profile on a dating app is another struggle. The apps ask stuff that doesn’t even make sense.

6. They Are Everywhere!!!

We have all been through that. They won’t just find your Instagram but Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Orkut.

7. What Really Matters

When they start meme-ing with you, you know you have lost the fight to resist.

8. Switch On The Stalking Game

When we match with someone, we must stalk them. The struggle is to make sure you do not end up liking their way old pictures.

9. When Some Details are Tweaked Out

You tweak details out, too, just like the other person. Once you hit it off, those details will have to be explained.

10. Forward To 8 People Or Else Face The Music

In the end, after spending months on a dating app, you are still single. That’s when you realize you should have sent that message you got in 2008 to 8 people. It did say you’d stay single if you won’t.



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