Mum slammed for naming daughter after favorite strain of cannabis

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

05th Mar, 2021. 01:45 pm
Cannabis mum daughter name

A woman has been criticized online for naming her daughter after her favorite strain of cannabis.

The woman took to Instagram and shared two photos of her daughter. In the caption, she mentioned that it was her daughter’s first day at the preschool.”

However, the name of her toddler raised eyebrows.

She wrote, “Indikah’s first day at preschool today! “Spread your wings baby girl, the world is a beautiful place to explore.” She also tagged a cannabis enthusiastic page on Instagram.

It seems that she has named her daughter after a type of marijuana called Cannabis Indica.

The post got several likes as it was shared on Reddit. However, viewers gave criticizing comments for the mum.

One viewer wrote, “If you like a weed that much, then that’s great but why you gotta put this on your kid for the rest of their life.”

Another one commented on the photos, “Poor baby” “So cringe, poor kid,” wrote the third one.

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