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How Technology Disrupts The Fitness Industry?

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

08th Dec, 2019. 04:10 pm
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How Technology Disrupts The Fitness Industry?

Technology today has disrupted every business. It is strategically integrated into every industry and has helped advance it, be it health, education or automobile. Fitness industry is no exception.

New technological innovations are regularly changing the way we exercise, which then over time creates a transformation within the health and fitness industry.

People today who work out are not satisfied by only knowing their weight, height, waist line etc.

They are interested in knowing more about their day to day progress, food macro and calorie consumption, body-fat percentage, sleep quality, calories burned, heart rate, etc.

It is exciting and motivating when then receive this knowledge about themselves. With continuously checking their cardio machine’s screens to calculate time and calories burnt, they want to keep a tab on themselves throughout the day, even when they are not at the gym or working out.

These people are not only avid gym-goers, athletes or bodybuilders, but also include regular people who desire to be fit and exercise to maintain a balanced weight and active lifestyle.

To meet this demand, many technological innovations have disrupted the fitness industry and changed the way we exercise and associate with our daily fitness.

These are activity-trackers, they monitor fitness-related metrics that play a significant role in your fitness journey, such as distance covered in a run, the number of steps completed, heart rate, calories burnt, etc.

Initially, these fitness wearable were expensive, but today several tech gadget brands are offering budget-friendly and powerful wearables to meet the demand of the consumers.

Mobile applications seeking one-stop health and fitness apps that provide holistic information, help track fitness metrics, give nutrition and diet plans, be their fitness partner and also help them shop of fitness-related goods.

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