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Addition of Little logos in Google Search Results

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

17th Jan, 2020. 02:50 pm
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Google has added a little logo to the display for its search results even for the advertisements as well.

Google has added a little logo to the display for its search results even for the advertisements as well.

This change is made to clarify information’s source which Google shows as a result of a user’s search query.

As per last year’s announcement, this change is a mobile feature’s expansion.

Thereby, the search results of the biggest search engine showed a change in its display which has made to clarify the source of information.

The changes include the addition of small logos in the display of search results. For example, a Bol News logo displays next to the search results that come from Bol news site. In fact, a bold, big “Ad” logo also displays next to advertisements.

Also, the logos appear for every search result. It is not confined to ads or news sites.

The company clarified that the change is due to expansion for a mobile feature for which they announced last summers. As per the announcement, mobile devices would have a new look. However, desktops also got this new look as per the changes Google made.

The new display look or change comes as the parent company, Alphabet and Google. This is an effort done to address the issues of misinformation. Furthermore, as the presidential election for 2020 is coming closer remedies’ calls are also increasing. Also, the organization confronts multiple probes entailing antitrust regarding its search business.

According to a tweet on Monday by “Google Search Liaison.”

“The format puts a site’s brand front & center, helping searchers better understand where information is coming from, more easily scan results & decide what to explore,” the organization tweeted.

Jamie Leach Senior interaction designer for Google search wrote, “This new design allows us to add more action buttons and helpful previews to search results cards, all while giving you a better sense of the web page’s content with clear attribution back to the source.”

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