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This Google extension can steal your data!

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

06th Jan, 2020. 04:48 pm
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google extension Shitcoin

Data security and privacy are some of the most considerable things when surfing the internet. We tend to facilitate ourselves and make our work easier by using certain specifications. It is because we do not want to remain slow in the race of the digital world.

However, certain extensions and features can threaten the security of your data available online and can create hassles for you.

Experts have warned the users not to use the Google extension named Shitcoin Wallet, as it can spy on you.

According to international news sources, Shitcoin Wallet is used for cybercrime by hackers.

It is because this extension is composed of a malicious code that can hack the private keys and IDs of users.

Cryptocurrency users use Shitcoin Wallet to handle their Ethers. Cryptocurrency users use this extension to handle, transfer, and receive their ethers. In addition to this, it is also used to interact with many tokens of ERC20 that runs the blockchain of Ethereum.

The extension is primarily called Ethereum Wallet. It is a rare Google extension compared to others.

However, this extension is accused of spying. According to the director of security of MyCrypto, an open-source blockchain forum, Shitcoin has major security risks.

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It is dangerous in two ways. Shitcoin can enforce malicious JavaScript code whenever the user opens the cryptocurrency forum. Another way is ETH coins and ERCO-based tokens present inside the Google Chrome are at risk.

Apart from that, the PCs through which the users operate Shitcoin, contain such malicious codes as well. Such codes can steal the private data and the bitcoin Desktop app passed the antivirus experiment and was declared safer to access.

The cryptocurrency of more than $49 million was reported to have been stolen during the cryptocurrency exchange upbit of South Korea.

Also, about 342,000 ETH was sent to the anonymous Ethereum wallet.

Although the CEO of the company had assured that they can cover the loss, the number of cases is gradually increasing.

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