US Database Reveals Whatsapp’s security vulnerabilities

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

30th Jan, 2020. 09:34 am
us database

Freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service WhatsApp found to have disclosed as many as 12 vulnerabilities in 2019.

According to the entries available on the US National Vulnerability Database (NVD), WhatsApp reported 12 vulnerabilities last year. A total of seven vulnerabilities of the total count were classed as “critical”.

The list of vulnerabilities disclosed by WhatsApp include the CVE-2019-3568 bug that marked critical and discovered within the VoIP (voice-over-Internet-protocol) stack of the app in May last year.

It allowed hackers to remotely execute malicious code on smartphones.

Similarly, another critical flaw that tracked by CVE-2019-11933 is a part of the US database.

It described as a heap buffer overflow bug and impacted WhatsApp for Android prior to version 2.19.291.

It could enable attackers to execute malicious code or cause a denial of service.

Security issues impacted WhatsApp largely in 2019.

Spyware Pegasus was spotted exploiting WhatsApp’s video calling system and allegedly helped governments hack into mobile devices of more than 100 people worldwide, including journalists and human rights workers.

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